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Please note that the photo provided above represents the silver finish option. If you require the piece to be gold, please choose the gold finish option. 

Should you have any special preferences, these pieces are handmade and colours can be customised according to your taste. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs. 

Thurible and Incense Boat Set 6879

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Beautiful handmade and high quality thurible and incense boat set, featuring incredibly intricate detailing throughout both pieces, accentuated with a blue tint finish. Engravings of leaves decorate the underside of both items. The thurible comprises of laser cut decorations circling the top of the piece. The incense boat features an ornate cross on its lid; this, combined with the golden bands and base of both the thurible and the incense boat, gives this set a beautiful and elegant finishing touch. 

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