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Hand Sanitiser stand

Hand Sanitiser stand

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Hand Sanitiser stand

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Our stands are simple in design ensuring they not only easily fit into the aesthetic of your church but also retain affordable price tag. A refillable 500ml sanitiser bottle is provided alongside however due to our stands adaptable design can be easily used with most commercial sanitiser bottles. We use a specialised, resistant black paint to coat our stands ensuring that they are difficult to damage when knocked or being moved etc. The stands themselves are around a meter tall, 17" wide at the widest point and weighs 3.5kg allowing it to not only be moved around with ease but also allows it to be placed almost anywhere in the church it would be needed. The height of this stand allows it to be easy for people of all ages and abilities to use. A laser cut sign is provided alongside each stand to help make sure that it is easily visible and discernible at a distance. If preferred, we can also adapt the wording of the sign to read whichever message you owuld like, please contact us for details.

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38" (96cm)
Of Base: 12" (30cm)

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