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Saint Joseph was a carpenter, a working man, but wasn't rich, despite coming from a royal lineage. He was a compassionate and caring man. When he found out that Mary was pregnant, he knew the child was not his, still unaware that she was carrying the Son of God. He knew that women accused of adultery could be stoned to death, and so he quietly sent her away so to not expose her to shame or cruelty. An angel come to Joseph in a dream to tell him that Mary will give birth to a Son, conceived in her from the Holy Spirit, and to not be afraid to take her home as his wife. As Saint Joseph does not appear in Jesus' public life, at his death or at his resurrection, historians believe that he had probably died before Jesus entered public ministry. Joseph is the patron saint of the dying because, assuming he died before Jesus' public life, he died with Jesus and Mary close to him, the way we all would like to leave this earth. Joseph is also patron saint of the Universal Church, families, fathers, expectant mothers (pregnant women), travellers, immigrants, house sellers and buyers, craftsmen, engineers, and working people in general.

Saint Joseph 39'' - 11062

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High quality statue made of a strong and lightweight resin, making it easy for handling. Expertly crafted using traditional moulds. Hand painted with fine attention to detail. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use. 

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39'' (99cm)

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