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Oil Sanctuary Lamp 5046

Oil Sanctuary Lamp 5046

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Oil Sanctuary Lamp 5046

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Beautiful handmade and high quality oil sanctuary lamp, featuring a brass base and a red glass lamp. The base is made up of intricate and ornate engravings, with a more simplistic body. The sanctuary light comprises of red glass surrounding a brass mount with the brass tip which houses the wick. To add oil, simply remove the brass tip and pour in. 

The wick is made from fibreglass which is covered in cotton. This wick is the best type as fibreglass wick does not burn. When lit, the outer layer of cotton burns, leaving the fibreglass later exposed. This makes the candle last longer, and is more efficient and cost-effective. It has a beautiful effect of a real candle, and the flame can be adjusted by simply pulling the wick out to your desired length. 

Spare highest quality Italian wick can be provided if needed. 

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